Yacht holidays in Masuria

The land of a thousand lakes is a true pearl of Polish sailing.

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What are the advantages of chartering without a sailing license?

The beauty of the nature attracts many outdoor recreation enthusiasts from all over Poland and elsewhere. Yachting holidays in Masuria are a wonderful opportunity for spending your free time with your friends and family. It is a great opportunity to get to know the different parts of the wonderful Masurian Landscape Park, the oldest reserve in the region. Chartering a yacht without a sailing license allows you to visit many interesting places in the Mrągowo area. Our amazing yacht holidays are also an opportunity to learn about the history of the region (many fortresses and Teutonic castles), its culture (interesting music and cabaret festivals) as well as its regional cuisine (smoked fish, shakotis and the ‘anthill’ cake). Many pubs host concerts involving the singing of famous shanties. The land of a thousand lakes teems with life, and chartering a boat without a sailing license is the best way to get to know Masuria better!

Many people dream of an adventure on a luxury yacht. Every year sees increasing numbers of people sailing and relaxing in the water or under the sun. Vacations on a yacht without a sailing license are a great opportunity to become a real sea wolf – at least for a weekend! The sound of water, glorious sunshine, the wind in your hair and an endless adventure in the fresh air. Thanks to chartering without a sailing license, anything is possible!

According to Polish law, it is permitted to charter vessels with a low-power engine to anyone without a sailing license. If they do not have appropriate permissions, the rented yacht must meet certain requirements – the length of the hull must not exceed 7.5 metres. We offer motor boats without a sailing license, distinguished by aesthetic and luxury interiors. Feel free to check out our current price list!


The Futura 40 Grand Horizon is a comfortable vessel featuring the highest standard of living. It combines the best of the previous model (the Futura 36) while offering facilities based on your current needs. Two thrusters – on the bow and side – help in manoeuvring the boat, so that despite its large size, sailing it does not require a license. The Futura 40 Grand Horizon is powered by a reliable and fuel-efficient diesel engine.

What is unique about the Futura 40 Grand Horizon?

A clear division between the living and sleeping areas on the three-tier deck allows you to freely enjoy all the charms of the Futura 40 Grand Horizon.

The living area is equipped with large panoramic windows plus:

  • a living room with a comfortable sofa,
  • a fitted kitchenette (gas stove, long worktop, double sink, fridge, many cabinets and kitchen appliances),
  • a comfortable table with seats.

The sleeping area includes three bright, independent and spacious bedrooms. Each one is equipped with a separate bathroom with a washbasin, hot water shower and toilet. During cold evenings, the on-board heating system can be used.

flowczarterFutura 40 Grand Horizon
flowczarterFutura 40 Grand Horizon

The highest standard of living

The Futura 40 Grand Horizon is the latest model from the Cobra Yachts shipyard. The designers have ensured that everyone can enjoy the highest standard of living. One of the great advantages of this yacht is its very large usable area, at almost 50 m2. All components are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

The Futura 40 Grand Horizon has a bathing terrace with an outdoor shower, along with a sunbathing terrace in the bow section. The crew may recharge their batteries in the seating area located on the roof of the boat. A high quality sound system inside and outside the yacht, as well as TVs, complement the holiday mood.

Futura 40 Grand Horizon


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